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How it Works

Our business-to-business transportation exchange AnyVan PRO is for the trade, by the trade. It is a secure and easy to use platform that will help you maximise efficiency, increase your profits and ultimately grow your business.

Posting Your Own Jobs

1. Listing a job

Post a job on AnyVan PRO and find a reputable quality assured professional who is able to
carry it out.

2. Receive live notifications

Instantly communicate with verified members to agree a price, send a job sheet and confirm a driver.

3. Job completion

Once a job is complete, receive an invoice and thereafter rate the user on their service for future
quality control.

Searching For Jobs

1. Searching for jobs

With full access to our exchange you can search for jobs by route, location, time, load-size and many other specifications.

2. Get in contact

Once you find a job you are interested in, you can quickly view that user’s profile and easily communicate in regards to the job.

3. Send an invoice

Once a job is completed you can simply use our exchange to issue an invoice as well as keep track of all your jobs.

Posting Routes

1. Regular route

If you have a regular route that is carried out often, simply add it to your future routes.

2. Increase your visibility

Once you post your regular routes, other verified members are then able to easily find you and offer jobs along those specified routes.

3. Maximise efficiency

You will be covering extra jobs across your regular routes in no time; maximising your capacity and in turn increasing your revenue.

Company Routes

1. Need a job covered?

Easily search and view a database of verified transport providers who regularly make the journey across the route you require for your job.

2. Get in contact

Once you find a transport provider that suits your needs on AnyVan PRO, you can easily communicate in regards to the job.

3. Complete the service

Once a job is completed; easily receive proof of delivery and an invoice all through the
AnyVan PRO website.

Sign up now!

We only allow fully verified and insured companies, drivers, brokers or forwarders to become members of AnyVanPRO.

Documents we will need for verification:

  • 2 × Proof of Address (Required)
  • Hire & Reward Insurance (Where Applicable)
  • Goods in Transit Insurance (Where Applicable)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Where Applicable)
  • VAT Certificate (Where Applicable)
  • Association Memberships (Where Applicable)

Other documents that can be used for verification purposes: Standard Vehicle Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Operators Licence, Driving Licence, Courier Licence, Broker Licence, Exhibition/Specialised Insurance.